The Sunnyland Stomp

July 18, 2020 | 3-8pm


What is the Stomp?
The Stomp is a free-ranging annual summer celebration of the talent and creativity hiding behind the garden gates of the Sunnyland Neighborhood. Stomp Stops are located at homes and businesses and feature games, art, activities, music and more.

Where is the Stomp?
There are Stomp Stops at homes and businesses throughout the Sunnyland Neighborhood, which is bounded by Cornwall Ave. and I-5 (east-west) and Sunset Dr. and Ohio St. (north-south). The Stomp map will tell you where, exactly, to find the fun!

How do I get in touch with The Stomp?
Email us! sunnylandstomp(at)gmail(dot)com We are very responsive to email and we will get back to you promptly. We don’t respond to messages or inquiries on Facebook or Instagram, and sometimes we miss the carrier pigeons or messages in a bottle, so it’s best to just stick with good old-fashioned email.

Will a port-a-potty appear in my front yard the weekend of The Stomp?
Maybe! We try to distribute portable bathrooms and trash cans throughout the neighborhood so Stomp attendees don’t have to travel far to use the facilities. We promise not to put one in your actual front yard, but one may appear near your house on the city right-of-way between the sidewalk and the street.


Can I come to The Stomp if I don’t live in Sunnyland?
Of course! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Where should I park?
The Stomp is best enjoyed as a pedestrian or a cyclist...but we get that sometimes driving is the best option for folks. You can find parking on any of the residential streets in the neighborhood - please be respectful of organizations and businesses by not using their parking lots.

How much does it cost?
The Stomp is free to attend! Many of the Stomp Stops sell artwork and there are lots of delicious eats and drinks at restaurants and food trucks on the day of the event, so you may still want to bring your wallet.

When does it start?
The Stomp itself runs from 3-8pm. The Chicken Race happens before the Stomp at 12pm at Memorial Park. If you plan to make a day of it, start at the Chicken Race, then plan to have a picnic or get lunch at one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood before heading out to visit your favorite Stomp Stops starting at 3pm.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome on the sidewalks and parks of the Sunnyland Neighborhood, but may not be welcome inside people’s homes or businesses, so plan accordingly.

Is it family friendly?
It sure is! Many Stomp Stops have activities and art specifically geared toward younger people while others are for all-comers. Check the descriptions on the map if you want to create a Stomp experience tailored specifically for young ‘uns.

Where are the bathrooms?
Each year we locate the portable restrooms near clusters of Stomp Stops. Check the map to find the restroom closest to you! If you are a patron of a business in the neighborhood, you’re also welcome to use their restrooms.

What if I lose something at The Stomp?
Email the organizers at and we will do our best to help you track it down. If you can remember where you were, you can also reach out directly to the Stomp Stop of business where you think you might have left it. Since the Stomp happens in so many different locations, we don’t have a ‘lost and found’ like many other festivals and fairs.


How will I know when I've officially signed up to be on the map?
You will receive a confirmation email from the organizers once we have received your signup. Online signups are preferred!

What foods can I serve at the Stomp without a special permit?

  • Packaged food that does not require temperature control for safety, such as chips, crackers, candy, nuts or granola bars.

    • Packaged food that is not individually wrapped may be served in individual disposable containers such as napkins or paper cups. No one may serve themselves from a common bag or bowl.

  • Fruit that has a peel and does not need washing, such as oranges or bananas.

  • Hot beverages that are not potentially hazardous such as coffee, tea or cider, or cold, store-bought bottled drinks poured into paper cups.

  • Store-bought, individually wrapped ice cream bars or popsicles.

Can I serve alcohol at my Stomp Stop? 
It is not legal to serve alcohol to the public without a liquor license.

How late can my thrash metal band play in my backyard?
City of Bellingham quiet hours begin at 10pm. Please be a good neighbor and plan to end any amplified music or other loud activities by or before 10pm.

I'm a Stomp host - when will I get my maps and posters?
Stop hosts will be able to pick up their maps and posters at The Fort the  week prior to the Stomp. We will contact hosts directly with more details on pickup times closer to the event.

What if I want to keep my Stop going past 8pm? 
Do it! As long as you're being respectful about turning down the loudness by or before 10pm, we're not here to tell you when to stop Stomping!