The Sunnyland Stomp

July 15, 2017 3-9pm


Beautifully printed maps are also available at all sponsor locations
and at every gallery stop on the day of the event!

Special Stomp Activities


11 am: Racers arrive and register in age classes: under 8, 8-16, 16 and up
12 pm: Races begin! Races will continue in heats until a winner is declared
1 pm: Races end - have lunch, grab a map and plan your Stomp - starts at 3!
The chicken race is made possible by the tireless work of many committed volunteers as well as the generous sponsorship of Trader Joe's, Scratch and Peck and Hohl Feed and Seed - THANK YOU!


  1. Pick up a popcorn bag and a checklist at any of the circled locations. Can't find a bag? Don't fret - you can also collect tokens in your pocket, backpack, tote bag, etc.
  2. Visit every stop on the scavenger hunt and collect tokens
  3. Mark off your stops on the checklist and return it to The Fort (Stop #1) to collect your prize! No checklist? Use your map or jot it down on any slip of paper!



1: Red Boots Design | 2120 Grant: Party at The Fort! On site screen-printing, get a free screenprint until 8pm. Clothing sale! Raffle! Music, food & refreshments provided by Pizzazza! [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

2: The Arctic Fox | 2120 Grant: Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches from The Arctic Fox. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

3: Backup Experience | 2323 Grant: Local artists play music from 4-9pm [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

4: Paint Paper Canvas | 2412 Franklin: Enliven your life with art! Buy your next piece of artwork from our collection of oils, acrylics, watercolor and mixed media. Enter a raffle to win a painting! Participate in creating a community art piece. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

5: Sweet Home Soft Serve @ Tide Lines North | 116 Alabama:  Selling organic soft serve flavored with SAKU's Bellingham Gold superfood in a homemade cone!
Watercolors, paintings and jewelry by artist and designer, Chelsea Jepson, owner of Tide Lines gallery, will also be on display and available for sale.


6: BRAIMESWORLD | 2610 Ellis: Step sideways in time at the BraimesWorld Backyard Silvercloud Piano Lounge and Juice Emporium. Performances throughout the day by Fruit Cocktail, The International Lovers, The Silvercloud Crooners and The Kids. Cocktail attire encouraged. No dogs allowed, and no WiFi's. BYOB, F, and M.

7: Bellissimo | 2820 Ellis:  Garden, art and vintage. Snacks and beverages for all ages.

8: A yard art/welding/sculpture/ratrod blowout | 317 E Illinois: This year being our last in this wonderful neighborhood we are showcasing nearly all our works in one place. Sculptures there and back from Burning Man, scrap metal art for friends and our home plus some of our crazy car contraptions. Over 30 sculptures, some for sale some to see. A selection of awesome scrap metal bits and machinery to choose from for the DIY. A fire tornado sculpture will run later in the evening. Come see us for one last shindig.

9: Anu Ave | 2837 Franklin: 2800 block Franklin street hosting a block party with live music, food from Brotha Dudes, games, chalk, bubbles, fun kid and adult activities. Accepting donations at our stop for our dear neighbor and friend Anu Byal who will undergo a bone marrow transplant in August. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

10: Casa | 410 E North: This year Casa is featuring live music and various local artists, as well as a drum circle.

11: St John's in the Community | 2512 Franklin: St. John's Lutheran would love for you to stop by and say, "Hello." We will have free crafts and goodies to share. Happy to be a part of Sunnyland. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]


12: Artisan Avenue | 2609 Humboldt: River Rock Soap Co, Bird in Hand Design, Love and Dead Things, Vessel Printing Studio, Heartstrings Props, Karen Blanquart Art, The Aftermath Collective

13: Children's CommUNITY | 2700 Humboldt: Join us to create children’s t-shirts that celebrate diversity - BYO t-shirt for half price! Check out Frankenfrills’ kids clothing, learn about Children’s CommUNITY programming, and participate in an exciting activity. Music by DJ Algorithm. Come get your dance and creativity on! [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

14: Ciao Thyme Pizzeria | 2739 Iron: Join us in the backyard where we will be offering garden tours and artwork by our talented friend Sarah Finger! Ciao Thyme owners Jessica and Mataio Gillis love living in Sunnyland and being part of this neighborhood event. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

15: Bad Dogs Barking | 2628 Iron: Creatures and birds made from recycled felted wool, Nichos from recycled card board and paper mache, Metal art - welded and hand forged items, Metal art demonstrations. Complimentary snacks. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

16: Artikey | 923 E North: Jewelry, pet beds, lemonade stand, photo booth, upcycled items. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]


17: The Humboldt | 2411 Humboldt: The Humboldt Gallery is back in action! Come to our backyard to enjoy Stephen's famous Ginger Beer tasting and Brazilian Cheesy Bread! While you're there enjoy William's astounding Garden Golems and Succulent Bowls, Stephen's incredible Beerphenalia (Beer can postcards and beer label boxes and trays) and Vanessa's natural Leaf Jewelry and Jewelry boxes. This year we will feature "The Fine Art of Navigating Cancer", an artist's depiction of her experience with cancer using dark humor, plus newer works. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

18: Make a Rain Garden| 605 Carolina: An array of Pacific Northwest Native Plants, Books, and Display on how to make a rain garden in your yard to catch roof run-off, alley run-off. Art for sale depicting beautiful native plants.
How birds and bees love and benefit from native plants, and how hearty and easy they are to grow. Free 2-3 foot high Native Grand Firs planted in big pots to give away for folks to use as Christmas Trees. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

19: Terra Firma Design | 2139 Humboldt: Terra Firma Design: Fine furniture & woodworking instruction. North Cascade Creative: Custom furniture & architectural installations. Carpenter Ant: Fine furniture with a sustainable focus & instruction. Native Elements: Sustainably derived outdoor gear. Blossoming Bean: Up-cycled & hand-made toddler clothing, cards, purses, & libations. Dandelion Organic Delivery: B'ham's produce home delivery service since 2007. WWU Industrial Design: Students' Work. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

20: Di Nitto's Realm| 615 Virginia: Paintings displayed in our home and yard.

21: FishBoy | 617 Virginia: Featuring the Contemporary Folk Art of RR Clark aka FishBoy. Peruse the gallery and pause for a rest in the beautiful garden.

22: SWORD GUY & Friends | 2219 Iron (alley): "Epic Myth Designs" presents "The Sword Guy" Foam Sword Duels for all ages! $2 duels. Foam Daggers for sale. Come get your duel on! "Goddess Within Organic Cosmetic," "Treemother's Whimsy" wall art and mobiles created from bits of recycled jewelry and driftwood! Jessie Gene's Art Gallery with amazing art! [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

23: Stomp & Sip | 2238 James: Kulshan Brewery will be hosting a number of local vendors / artists for this years 'Stomp', as well as live music! Check out the list below to see our featured artists:
1. Henna Art by Amy Lee
2. Avalon Records
3. Jaxstone Company -Hammered Jewelry
4. Oak Ash Leather - Tooled leather accessories
5. Index Vintage Clothing
6. Skyler Ellwynn Glass Designs- Hand blown terrariums
7. Arrow Woodworks -Resin and wood jewelry
8. Goats Coat- Upcycled jewelry
9. Michelle Shutte- Artist
10. Lariat Creative - Bellingham Flag
11. Lunaria Handmade Clothing
12. Tarot Readings
13. Heart Stone Designs - Stone and charm jewelry
14. Sage Babies- Handmade felted dolls

24: Dancing Gypsies | 702 Kentucky: Live music, local artists, environmental education & fun. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]

25: Sea Witch Botanicals | 521 Kentucky: We are environmentalists who make soap! Our all-natural home and body products stop will feature synthetic-free incense, unique printed glycerin soaps, and luxurious lotions, all made with biodegradable, cruelty-free ingredients. Nature Misses You. [SCAVENGER HUNT STOP]
Homeskillet | 521 Kentucky: Tacos, burritos, shenanigans, corn hole, sidewalk chalk, new art, Sunnyland Social Club & most importantly, COCKTAILS!